Auto Accident Injury

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An Auto accident injury, also known as a post traumatic effects due to an automobile accident, occurs when a vehicle makes contact with another automobile, pedestrian, live or dead animal, road debris, or other non-movable obstruction, such as a tree, telephone pole, mailbox or traffic light. Auto accidents may result in injury (now or in the future), property damage and in the worse cases death.

Several factors contribute to the risk of collision including; vehicle design, speed of operation, road design, weather, a driver skill and/or impairment. Nearly all drivers who had been in a crash do not believe the accident to be their fault. Also, now the leading cause of vehicle accidents is due to driver using their cell phones while driving.
There are many studies showing causes and increasing factor for automobile accidents but the most convincing evidence shows that the risk of having a crash is increased both for vehicles traveling slower than the average speed, and for those traveling above the average speed. The risk of suffering from auto accident injuries after a collision increases exponentially with higher speeds. This does not mean accidents at lower speeds do not cause injury. Most auto accident injuries are related to vehicles involved in accidents where the speed is too fast for the conditions. The severity of auto accident pain depends on the vehicle speed change at the time of collision and the amount of force transferred from the vehicles to the passengers.
Auto accident pain is one of the worst and most prevalent consequences of a motor vehicle collision. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are known for causing a great number of chronic pain conditions. Often we see these symptoms surfacing multiple years if not decades down the road. You might be thinking decades? When persons are involved in an automobile accident their symptoms might not appear in the first twenty four to forty eight hours. They might appear six months down the road and the auto accident injured individual might blow the condition off as something different. Neglecting these symptoms for years is not uncommon. Then once the condition begins to affect their everyday life, job and/or hobbies they finally seek treatment.

Auto accidents involve tremendous amounts of forces being transfer from the vehicle to the passenger. These forces are enough to stretch/tear soft tissue and break bone. In some of the worse causes life altering spinal injuries can occur and are often the result of serious accidents. It also should be made know that even a minor fender bender can create some significant auto accident pain and spinal complaints. Let us take this into consideration; we all have trailer hitches on our trucks and some cars.

These hitches are braced directly to the frame of the vehicle. Manufactures of vehicles have designed bumpers on automobiles for a reason and one of those reasons is to help absorb forces during crashes. So if you unfortunate enough to get hit from behind and have a hitch, you have no bumper for protection, all of the force will be transferred through the vehicle into the passengers.

It is crucial to always consider the nature of pain and location when diagnosing symptoms resulting from an auto accident. It is critical to seek proper treatment and rehabilitation if you feel the slight twinge after an accident. The mind will be just as traumatized as the body, both from the incident itself and from the effects of the treatment. Also, it is very important to be aware of concussions when we talk about auto accident injuries. Concussions are nothing to play with and if you or one of the passengers is suspected of suffering from a concussion make sure to have them check out by a specialist.


With major advances in the safety system of vehicles, automobile makers have had a great effect in reducing auto accident injury in motor vehicle accidents. Automotive safety advances offering protection to the cervical region include and are not limited to seatbelts, airbags, and head rests. Seatbelts are designed to prevent occupants from being ejected from the vehicle, a common cause of neck injury and death. Seatbelts with associated airbags protection were also designed to protect from head, face and neck contact with the vehicle. Head rests are intended to support the head and prevent hyperextension in rear impacts. A common problem seen in auto accident injuries to the cervical spine is improper use of the head rest. Most commonly the head rest is left in it lowest position, when it should be place at a height equal to the height of the occupants head. The height should be measured while the occupant is in the seated or their most common driving position. When the head rest is left in the improper position it can act as a fulcrum and which significantly complicates the situation. The airbag is to offer protection against hyper flexion in forward impacts. Despite gains in protection, auto accident injuries are still occurring at an alarming rate.

The spine is the most important part of the human body. Spinal injuries are common in serious automobile accidents. Vertebral fracture and spinal instability can result from the force of a high speed collision. Many spinal injuries require immediate back surgery and may leave the patient permanently affected.
Less severe accidents can also cause soft tissue injuries and/or herniated discs. However, I must mention the high incidence of misdiagnosis of disc herniation stemming from the accident and as a source of pain. In a great number of cases, the disc issues may have existed all along, but never caused pain, being that it was asymptomatic. This is not saying the disc injury is not causing the pain after the injury. With the imagining these days doctor are able to help pinpoint the areas of trauma and help get you on the road to recovery.

On the other hand, Whiplash pain is often the result of a rear end collision and sometimes does not present for weeks to months to years down the road. Seat belts and head restraints help a vehicle’s occupant survive the crash, but whiplash is sometimes difficult to prevent. To minimize the risk of a whiplash injury, drive a safe vehicle and make sure your head rests are properly positioned.

Whiplash injuries can be very painful and long lasting. Whiplash events often involve pain which feels like it generates between the shoulder blades or towards the base of the neck. Most complaints we see are of patient suffering from anything from an ache throughout the neck to burning pains which radiate down into the arms. Also, it is not uncommon for people suffering from a whiplash injury to encounter headaches. These headaches are stemming from the increase in tone of the cervical muscles. These muscles are attached to the base of the skull and the excess pressure can often lead to headaches.

The symptoms of whiplash injury are different for every individual and have to be treated on an individual basis. Most whiplash pains are result of stretching of the ligaments of the spine and the neck stabilizing muscle. The easiest way to explain what happens in whiplash cases. The patient is hit from behind and the neck is jolted backwards and then forwards. This movement pushes the neck past the point of normal range of motion. This force puts extreme stress on the ligament and muscles of the cervical spine. If the ligaments and muscles are not properly treated, there is a high likelihood of the condition getting worse or causing premature degeneration.

Whiplash treatment depends on the severity of the cause. Most of the time chiropractic adjustment, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises over a treatment plan are enough to treat the symptoms. Being that whiplash is most commonly a soft tissue injury it is not cured with one visit and will require multiple sessions. Remember if you ever find yourself with suspected whiplash try to get into to a trained medical professional as soon as possible and the treatment time will be great diminished.


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