Avoid Getting Injured During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Getting Injured During Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a very delicate one. Any injury to the mother can be fatal not only to herself but to the baby in her womb too. This is why you should do all you can to take better care of yourself. This does not only involve the foods you eat and having regular medical checkups but it also involves taking care of your body. What you wear, your work routine and exercise programs you may be involved in are factors you should look into if you want to have a safe pregnancy. Here are some things you should do for you to avoid getting injured during pregnancy.

Do not Lift Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects may injure your back and the spinal cord. As your baby gets bigger, the pressure on your low back and spinal cord increases in nature. This can be made worse by lifting heavy objects or weights. It is okay to lift lightweights; as long as you do not struggle as you lift the weights and use proper techniques, then it is fine. During your last trimester, you should not lift more than 15 pounds.

Do not put on High Heels

Your legs already have to deal with the weight of the growing baby. When you put on high heels, your back feels the pressure. This may cause injuries. As your baby grows, your centre of gravity changes and you may lack balance. This may lead to falls. High heels may also cause you to lose balance. Short heels may be fine as long as you are comfortable in them. Also, always support yourself with the rails when walking up and down stairways.

Protect Yourself

When pregnant, you should be more aware of looming danger around you. This may be in the form of closing doors, furniture and even your young children. Always protect your belly from these dangers. Your child may innocently hit your stomach, which may hurt you. You may also collide with an opening or closing door, which may cause serious problems. Always be on the lookout when walking or when with young children.

Avoid Strenuous Work out Routines

To be on the safe side, you should not involve yourself in any exercise routine that is too vigorous or tiring. Always consult your doctor before you start any exercise routines. If you used to exercise regularly before you got pregnant, it will be wise for you to slow down and stick to the activities your doctor recommends. Although a moderate workout routine is recommended when pregnant, go with what works best for you. If you feel nauseated, dizzy, have back or abdominal pain, you should discontinue the exercise routine immediately.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Many women avoid the seat belt because they think it may hurt the baby. This is not the case. In fact, it can go along way in keeping you and the baby safe in case of an accident.

If you are injured, you should seek medical attention as soon as you can. Even when you do not feel any pain but you fell or something hit your belly, you should check with your doctor to confirm that everything is okay.

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