Back Pain Causes

Back Pain Causes
Back Pain causes described by the Seabrook Texas Chiropractor

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One of the common health conditions today is back pain. Patients need to understand that, many cases of back pain resolve within few weeks. Back pain can be frustrating for both the doctor and his patient. Thus, it is good to first of all understand the cause of your back pain so that you can identify the best treatment for it. This is very important since back pain is at times very difficult to treat and a better comprehension of the cause of the back pain will help in your recovery. The following are some of the causes of back discomfort:

Lumbar muscle strain is one of the causes of back pain. This is one of the common causes of low back pain. However, for most patients, they might not know what exactly triggered their muscle spasm. However, many patients who suffer from back pain as a result of lumbar muscle strain get healed after few weeks.

Another cause of back pain is ruptured disc. A broken intervertebral disc also known as herniated disc can also cause back pain. However, treating back pain that has been caused as a result of this will highly depend on a given situation and individual.

Spinal stenosis also causes back pain especially to the aging people. This is due to the fact that, as someone ages, the spinal canal normally becomes constricted because of some illnesses like arthritis. If the spinal canal is too tight, you will end up developing back pains.

Another cause of back pain is sprains and strains. Muscles at the center of the back can be stressed especially when get overstretched. When the muscles are overstretched, one will end up feeling back pains for a day or 2 even though the back pain can be up to one week or even more. The pain is due to the inflammation or the ripping of the muscles. Injures are normally caused by tearing or overstretching ligaments on the back. The ligaments join bones to additional bones and retain them in line. Sprains and strains can happen when a person suffers from a sudden trauma like twisting too fast or too far, from an accident or in a fall. In addition, this problem can occur due to sleeping in wrong position on your bed or even sleeping in a very uncomfortable bed.

Other causes of back pain include: digestive problems as gas can create pressure on the body hence causing pain on the back. This kind of problem can cause middle back pain. Another cause is blood sugar-related issues. Organs that are affected by blood sugar and they are attached to spine by the nerve can be affected by blood sugar variation. This kind of pain normally involves live, the pancreas and adrenals.

The less common even though a very serious back pain cause include lung illness, kidney problems and heart problems. Thus, if you suspect to be suffering from this problem, then you should see your practitioner as soon as possible. These are some of the back pain cause.

If you feel your condition are getting worse with home remedies, make sure to seek treatment from a professional today. The Dr. Dustin Young will evaluate and treat your symptoms to get you on the road to recovery today.

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