Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Many woman begin feeling the symptoms of pregnancy during the first weeks after conception. While most of these symptoms are mild, there are others which can be unusual. Back pain in early pregnancy is usually a healthy symptom that the body is changing. However, this can be also be a sign of a more serious problem in some cases.

Women are most likely to miscarry during their first trimester. Some of the warning signs of a miscarriage are mild or server back pain. While this is less common, women who are experiencing back pain in early pregnancy should see a doctor immediately as this may also be a sign of another complication.

Back pain in the early months of pregnancy is also very common for first-time mothers. As the uterus begins to expand, the ligaments that connect the uterus to the abdomen and the pelvic area begin to be stretched. The stretching can be painful and this is also known as round ligament pain. The pain usually appears in the back area where the ligaments connect. Reducing abrupt movements can help to decrease this pain as well as resting during the day.

While the fetus is fairly small during the first few months of pregnancy, the growing uterus will place strain on the back. A woman’s center of gravity changes when she becomes pregnant, adding weight on to the front of the body. This can cause the back muscles to be strained, causing soreness and pain in the back region. While this type of pain is much more common in the later months of pregnancy, it can occur in the early months as well.

Hormone changes in the body are also responsible for overall pain, as well as pain in the back area. The body begins to release a hormone called relaxin which helps the ligaments to relax and stretch. This hormone will cause the joints in a women’s back to become too flexible and there can be some pain associated with that as well.

While many women may experience these normal symptoms, pain in the back can also occur in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. This is when an egg is fertilized and begins to travel down the fallopian tubes to the uterus but instead becomes attached in the tube. Since the egg cannot grow inside the fallopian tube, it can grow and cause pain as well as internal bleeding. Women will usually experience pain in their back and abdomen region. Since ectopic pregnancies can have some serious side effects, women who experience this type of pain should seek out medical attention immediately.

These are some of the main reasons why a women may feel back pain in early pregnancy. While most of these signs are fairly normal, they can be warning signs of a more serious condition. If experiencing these symptoms for the first time, it is recommended that women talk to their doctors promptly to determine if they need to set up an appointment or go to the hospital. Be sure to contact us if you have an questions or concerns.

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