Causes of Injuries

Causes of Injuries

When exercising, injuries may occur gradually or they may occur suddenly. There are various reasons for this. You may get injured as a result of a fall, not warming up adequately, pushing yourself too much, using exercise equipment in the wrong manner or not doing exercises in the right way.

One of the most common reasons for sudden injuries is a fall. This may occur when jogging or running on a treadmill or on the road. If this happens to you, make sure that you rest the injured limb so that you do not acerbate the problem which can lead to a more serious injury. You can reduce the impact of the fall by wearing protective clothing especially when you engage in sports and activities that could potentially lead to an injury. If you twist or sprain your leg, you should see the Chiropractor and wait to heal before you attempt any further exercise.

If you do not stretch adequately before and after you exercise, you may increase your  risk of injury. When you stretch before exercise you make your muscles less tight so that when you are exercising, they are not strained. Your muscles will be able to move easily without tension and you are more flexible with a greater range of motion which is beneficial to you. You may also get injured if you overstretch. Dehydration may also cause an injury because when your muscles do not have enough water, they cramp easily which makes you more prone to injury.

You may also get injured because of over exercising or pushing yourself too hard. If you find yourself in a plateau where you do not lose weight or have any changes in your body even if you are exercising, it is tempting to increase the intensity of your workouts or to increase the amount of exercise that you are doing. This may lead to injuries as your muscles will be overworked. When exercising, you need to give your body time to rest to heal from the activity, if you do not give your body this time to recover then it increases chances of injury. Another similar reason is changing the surface on which you are running so that if you have been running on a grassy surface, which cushions the impact then you move to the pavement, this can cause an injury.

You may also get injured if you do not wear the right shoes or gear that will cushion your body from harm. You should wear shoes that suit your foot arch to support and cushion your feet from the impact of your exercise activity. You may also get injured if you use exercise equipment in the incorrect way as your body may be strained which may lead to an injury. In the same way, doing some exercises in the wrong way will cause an injury. For example, if you do a particular exercise in the wrong manner, you may cause an injury to your back, which will result in you having to contact the Dr.Dustin K. Young.

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