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The chiropractic profession has come a long way in the last twenty years with its push towards evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based medicine is the use of the scientific method to help make the best clinical decisions. The integration of chiropractic care into other medical practices is responsible for the growing success of the profession. The scientific community has identified the chiropractic profession as a neuro-musculo-skeletal type of medicine meaning that chiropractic medicine is used to identify neuro-muscular abnormalities. These abnormalities are causes of specific conditions in the body.

The benefits of chiropractic care grow each and every day, and steadily, we gain more and more techniques for treating specific conditions. Our services range from ridding patients of chronic back pain to getting rid of those pesky headaches you’ve fought for 20 years. The science of chiropractic medicine is focused on helping patients reduce their conditions. To accomplish this goal, chiropractors like Dr. Dustin Young take the time to fully evaluate every individual to find the root cause of complaints. Sometimes this is harder than others, but this is why we partner with local medical professionals as a contact for second opinions. This partnership and ability to send complicated cases for second opinions is a key chiropractic benefit you will experience while seeking treatment with Dr. Young.

Premier Sports Chiropractic helps patients understand their pain.

Of the many chiropractic benefits available, your first will begin from the time you pick up the phone to make an appointment. Customer service is something we pride ourselves on, knowing that your experience with your chiropractor begins from not only the moment you call but from the moment you walk in the door. If at any time you feel you’re receiving sub-par service from the doctor or staff, feel free to let the doctor know immediately. Your comments and advice will only make us better as a team and will be greatly appreciated. We know you have many options when it comes to picking a chiropractor in the community and want your chiropractic experience to be well above average.

Dr. Young will provide a thorough and comprehensive physical examination during your first visit, another chiropractic benefit when seeking treatment with him. During the examination, the doctor will examine your entire neuro-musculo-skeletal system for any dysfunctions which may be present yet not noticed by the patient. Upon completion of the examination, the doctor will likely have a good idea of a diagnosis. If the doctor is unable to confirm a diagnosis based on his findings, more testing may be ordered. Don’t be alarmed if this is the case. Confirmation of a diagnosis is important in finding a remedy to your conditions. If the doctor is still unable to confirm a diagnosis, he will refer you to a medical professional with whom he trusts. Any medical professional that Dr. Young refers you to will be well researched and highly recommended.

Chiropractic adjustments are a third chiropractic benefit. Chiropractic manipulation techniques have been given more recognition in the scientific community as a safe, natural and effective approach for the management of many conditions. They have been given many names over the years, which you might be familiar with, including manual therapy, manipulation, mobilization and adjustments. A manipulation is a manual procedure involving a directed thrust to a joint, with an audible sound heard on occasion. This sound has been given the name “cavitations.” The chiropractic benefits for manipulation have traditionally been to restore motion and not singly to reduce pain. The reduction in pain is usually a side effect to restoring motion to an affected joint. It is common to feel a peaceful sensation after receiving a chiropractic adjustment, although on occasion, a slight discomfort may be experienced. This discomfort should subside within 15 minutes.

The last chiropractic benefit worth mentioning is physical rehabilitation, which you will receive while seeking treatment with Dr. Young. As you receive services, and the doctor is satisfied with the direction of your treatment, he will start you on a rehabilitation protocol. Dr. Young utilizes physical rehabilitation to increase the range of motion and restore the functional endurance of the affected areas. What does restoring functional endurance mean? Increasing your functional endurance ensures your injury is alleviated completely and helps in preventing the return of the condition in the future.

Dr. Young wants you to know these are not the only chiropractic benefits offered when seeking chiropractic care. These benefits are most notable and are benefits he uses on 90% of his patients seeking treatment.

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