Running Club Partners with a Chiropractor

Running Club Partners with Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC


Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC is owned by Dr. Dustin K. Young. Dr. Young has joined forces with Running Alliance Sport (RAS) to help provide medical support for all of their running events. Dr. Young makes a perfect match to work with RAS since he is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. We set up a booth at each of the events to provide first aid, injury evaluation, and stretching to any of the participants and their supporters.

If you are a runner in the Bay Area, the chances are high that you have run in one of their events. The races that RAS puts together are spectacular. The events RAS conducts every year are the Lucky Trails Marathon in Seabrook, the Bud Light Heat Wave in Baytown, the Toughest 10K Kemah, Toughest 10k Galveston, and the La Porte Half Marathon. The last three of these races are commonly known as “The Bridge Series”, which benefits the Bridge Over Troubled Water Center.

Running Alliance Sport partners with a chiropractor in Seabrook Texas
Running Alliance Sport partners with a chiropractor in Seabrook Texas

RAS and our practice have similar views when it comes to charitable donations in the local community. Dr. Young and RAS are huge supporters of local charities in Seabrook, Texas and the surrounding communities. Dr. Young knows how important charitable donations are to the success of a community.   

Dr. Dustin Young, knows how important it is to stay in shape and get any injuries you might have checked out early. One important piece of advice Dr. Young likes to give his patients is that “it is more beneficial to find out an injury is not harmful to your workouts, than suspect nothing is wrong and let the condition become chronic”. We often see patients who have let their condition go on for years and, once it starts affecting their workouts, they want it fixed right away. Another common phrase utilized here in Seabrook, Texas is “the longer the injury has been present, the longer it takes to heal”. Give Dr. Dustin Young, a call to get those nagging injuries evaluated before they become a real problem.

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Dr. Young is Sports Medicine Certified and uses the latest treatments available to insure his clients make a quick recovery. Dr. Dustin Young offers Chiropractic services in the heart of Seabrook, Texas. He is the lead chiropractor for the LaPorte high school football team and heads the Sports Medicine Team for the Pasadena Rodeo.

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