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The Graston technique is a form of soft tissue mobilization in which the clinician uses one of six different instruments to break down scar tissue and myofascial restrictions. It is important to alleviate these restrictions and any scar tissue found from acute or chronic injuries. By definition acute injuries are usually caused by a specific impact or traumatic event that occurs in region of the body, example muscle, bone or joint. Chronic injuries are considered long term injuries any injury lasting over six to nine weeks. These restrictions from acute or chronic injuries may be causing various types of pain throughout body. For example, a chronic hamstring injury has the potential to cause low back problems in the future if left untreated or a chronic ankle sprain in a runner causing knee or hip pain. One of the most common soft tissue injuries, which are treated effectively with Graston Therapy, is an inversion ankle sprains.

The Graston Instruments are precisely designed stainless steel instruments, specific to treating certain parts of the body and specific injuries. Each one of the six instruments is differently shaped to obtain the best results and achieve different objectives. Graston Technique is used by 12,500 clinicians worldwide. While this number is continuing to grow it is always recommended to do your research and make sure you are choosing a professional best suited to effectively treat your condition. Many universities and professional sports teams are utilizing the benefits from the Graston Technique. We have already mentioned numerous examples of sports injuries but don’t let this deter the non-athletes or pick-up gamers. Graston Therapy helps treat and decrease the treatment time of many common chiropractic conditions, such as low back pain, reoccurring shoulder complaints, neck pain and muscular related headaches.

You might be wondering howSeabrook Texas Chiropractor Dustin Young DC these metal instruments will be able to help you? Yes, this is a great question and we will get into how the Graston Technique will effectively treat your condition. Graston Therapy is not affecting one area of an injury; it is affecting a range of different aspects. By including Graston Technique in your treatment plan it you will be able to significantly reduce the length of your treatment plan. You have to understand not all conditions are the same and therefore they all do not respond in the same fashion. The instruments when worked over the surface of an injury will create an inflammatory response leading to increased blood flow to the area. This helps to begin or restart the healing process more quickly and efficiently.

Many people try to stay away from medication as much as possible and correctly utilizing the Graston Technique will help you to do the same. The process of using the Graston instruments is very simple. Your chiropractor will apply a lubricant/emollient to the affected area on the surface of the skin, this allows the tools to slide easily over the surface of the injured area and not cause irritation to the skin. Then while precisely running the instrument over the area of complaint the instrument will pin point the affected tissues. The term used for these areas by Graston Providers is called “catches”. The catches are fibrotic tissue which most of the time are playing a large role in the condition. Once the provider has found the affected area, they will continue breaking up the scar tissue, which in turn allows the area of complaint to move more freely. You might be thinking this sounds extremely painful, but in all actuality it’s pretty painless. Some people compare it to getting a deep tissue therapeutic massage.

It is not uncommon to experience some mild bruising after undergoing this treatment. The bruising will mostly be superficial in nature and will last only a few days. Some post treatment soreness is common and feels similar to the soreness commonly encountered after a good workout. There may also be minor swelling when utilizing the Graston Technique with certain injuries, but it is completely normal and expected. Don’t live with this pain any longer, get into to see your local Graston Technique provider and get back to what you love pain free.
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