Hip Bursitis- Hip Pain

Hip Bursitis- Hip Pain

Bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa sac resulting from constant friction between the skin and tissues around the joint. Common sites include the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. Signs include limitation of motion caused by swelling; pain on movement; point tenderness; and warmth around the joint. Soreness may radiate to tendons at the site of the bursitis.

Unlike the shoulder, the hip is a quite stable joint and requires a major force to cause a dislocation. The shoulder joint is more likely to suffer soft tissue injuries; the hip is more prone to bone or joint damage. The hip joint is a weight bearing joint, which is more susceptible to degenerative changes and fractures in senior patients.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you are experiencing issues with your hip.

Subtrochanteric Bursitis (Hip Bursitis), a condition that leads to altered hip biomechanics, will increase a patient’s risk of hip bursitis. There are multiple types of bursitis and they can be caused by similar dysfunctions.  Hip bursitis will cause a decrease in internal rotation of the hip. The symptoms are often proportional to the activities which are causing the condition. Repetitive activities can be a major cause in the younger population because the friction over the bursa causes it to be inflamed. For example, hip bursitis is commonly seen in patients who run on banked surfaces and allow their feet to cross the midline.

The condition of Hip bursitis can be described as tenderness over the lateral aspect of the hip joint. Palpation of this area will cause an increase in the symptoms. The symptoms will also be increased by taking the joint through the activities which have been causing the dysfunction.

Management of hip bursitis includes correction of abnormal hip biomechanics. Some of the biomechanics which might be affected are leg length and pelvic abnormalities.  These abnormalities can be corrected by a chiropractic manipulation and manual therapy techniques. Additionally, stretching of the hip abductors using proper hip joint stretching techniques will increase the range of motion of the hip joint and decrease dysfunction. These proper stretching techniques are utilized at Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC.

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