Middle Back Pain

Possible causes of Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain is a very rare condition. It only affects specific kind of people, especially those who have just started working out. It originates from the area around the shoulders down to the upper lumbar area. This pain can be brief and mild, or chronic and continuous. Some people can experience it for duration of three months, and sometimes, it can radiate to other parts of the body. The following are the most popular causes of mid back pain:

One of the popular causes of middle back pain is strained muscle ligaments. If you engage in strenuous exercise, you are likely to develop this condition. Lifting heavy weights can have the same effect on especially if you are a beginner.

Traumatic injury is another cause of middle back pain. If you have ever had an accident, it is important to see a doctor immediately or call us in order to ensure that you do not suffer from trauma. The mild pain that results after trauma can haunt you the rest of your life. If you are injured during a sport, you also need to be checked for any fractures that could cause problems in the future.

Sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of your back, and people who spend the entire day staring at a computer are prone to developing middle back pain after a while. You may enjoy sitting down the whole day, but a couple of weeks of poor posture are likely to cause you a lot of harm.

Discitis is another cause of this problem. Discilitis is an inflammation associated with fungal and bacterial infections. These infections affect the spinal disc, and can spread to the surrounding areas. If it occurs around the mid back, this infection causes mid-back pain. There are more serious conditions attributed to disc infections which are more life threatening than mid back pain.

Tuberculosis is another popular cause of mid back pain. Elderly women who are suffering from this air borne disease are likely to complain about mid back pain, and this is why research suspects a link between the two medical conditions. This condition is technically referred to as spinal tuberculosis, and is often accompanied by aneroxia, clumsiness and sudden weight loss.

Some people can experience other symptoms alongside mid back pain, and this is enough cause for alarm. This happens if there are other underlying conditions such as fibroids and arthritis. In this case, you may experience symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue.

Regular back pain can be successfully treated at home depending on the causes. If your pain is caused by inactivity, simple exercise can ease it away. Those who have developed this condition due to strain can treat it with rest and simple massage. However, if your mid back pain is attributed to fractures of infections, only a trained physician can help you. Get treatment as soon as you experience signs of mid back pain because prolonged pain at the middle of the spine can cause disability or even death.

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