Middle Back Pain

Manual Manipulation an option to treat middle back pain.

Middle back pain is an increasingly common ailment that can obviously be described as the pain between the upper and lower back. This area in the middle of your back consists of the spinal column, spinal cord, discs, nerves, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and tendons. Because there are so many things that make up this area, there are a variety of different conditions that cause middle back pain. The sooner you devote time to get an evaluation and proper diagnosis, the sooner you’ll be on your road to recovery. Middle back pain is not quite as common as lower back pain because this section of the back doesn’t receive as much stress on a daily basis as other parts of your back. Explanations of middle back pain range from a low, dull ache to an acute, sharp, shooting pain.

So why do we start feeling pain in the middle back? There are a plethora of causes for middle back pain, making a trip to the doctor even more important. The causes of middle back pain could be sports injuries, hunching over at the computer, lifting heavy items, exercising excessively, not sleeping right, bad posture, or obesity. Anytime you encounter an impact, turn or jar your back in an abnormal way, you run the risk of pinching a nerve, straining a muscle, or getting your back out of alignment. This is more common in people who generally aren’t physically active. Individuals who sit at computers all day may experience middle back pain due to constant hunching over, which weakens the muscles in the back that typically keep you sitting up straight. When you do stand up after sitting in this position for an extended period of time, you may feel a very uncomfortable, radiating pain. Luckily, if you pay attention to your posture each day, you can re-strengthen the muscles responsible for keeping you up straight. Consultation of a Seabrook TX Chiropractor like Dr. Dustin Young will put you on the right path to reduce your middle back pain. Your chiropractor will place you on a rehabilitation program that will increase your range of motion and help prevent further problems.

Other causes of middle back pain include arthritis or involvement in a vehicle accident. Arthritis is a type of joint disorder that involves the inflammation of joints in one or more areas of the body. If arthritis is the cause of your middle back pain, you will oftentimes experience similar symptoms in other parts of your body such as your hands, knees, or wrists. If you have recently been involved in a vehicle accident, it is highly likely the cause of your middle back pain. When getting into a car accident, your body is jarred into an unnatural position, and will make your back muscles quite sore. When this occurs, it is most often diagnosed as whiplash.

Middle back pain is also commonly caused by a pinched nerve. This cause typically feels like a sharp pain that shoots through different parts of the body. A pinched nerve is when pressure is placed on a nerve by something inside your body. In order to know exactly where this is occurring, a patient will need to get an x-ray or other form of imaging. Osteoporosis is another possible reason for back pain in females. Most people know osteoporosis as the deterioration of bone matter, but what they may not know is how this affects the muscles. As the bones begin to deteriorate, the muscles in your back must work harder to support your back, eventually causing pain in the middle back. This commonly presents itself as a dull, aching pain.

With middle back pain, it’s generally easier to begin gently with a treatment plan and rehabilitation protocol. You should first start off on a daily regimen of stretching to restore your range of motion. Rest is beneficial since it gives the muscles and tendons time to heal, however resting for too long can be a bad thing. Applying ice to the affected area will relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It’s important to ice for 15 minutes and take it off for 45 minutes between applications. Over icing can cause frostbite, and that will only lead to more pain. Visiting a Seabrook Chiropractor for regular adjustments may be one of the most beneficial treatments. Your chiropractor will begin to relieve the issue by aligning the bones back to the way they should be, making this treatment last longer than most others.

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