Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

Pain Between the Shoulder Blades Causes and Management

Pain is a signal that the body is experiencing something wrong. It can be the result of a simple tissue or muscle tear or from an inflammation but what’s alarming is when it’s coming from a damaged or distressed organ. Back pain between shoulder blades is among the most disturbing kind of pain as it is greatly associated with organ damage. There are several body organs which may cause pain that radiates towards the back but when it is felt for long periods of time, it is best to seek medical advice. Management option will now depend on the patient’s diagnosis.

Back pain between shoulder blades

Adjacent organ damage can be the primary cause of pain between the shoulder blades. However, other less severe causes such as trauma to the back, herniated spinal disc, osteoporosis, stress and extreme temperature can also lead to the pain. When your pain is not caused by any of the mentioned reasons, it can be a manifestation of an underlying secondary condition which has to be managed immediately to prevent complications. The following are some of the common secondary conditions which may lead to back pain between shoulder blades.

-Gallbladder disease
Presence of gallstones can be manifested by a sudden severe pain which radiates to the area between the shoulder blades. It usually occurs after the intake of a high-fat meal as the gallbladder is the organ responsible for the production of bile which is needed for fat breakdown.

-Myocardial Infarction
When the myocardium of the heart receives inadequate amount of oxygenated blood for long periods of time, it can lead to tissue damage and necrosis. When you feel pain between the shoulder blades which is accompanied by severe chest pain and feeling of impending doom, it is best for you to see a physician immediately as you can be undergoing a myocardial infarction.

-Liver disease
Chronic or long term feeling of pain between the shoulder blades can most likely be indicative of liver disease or liver cancer. Diagnosis can be made when your sclera appears yellowish and you have a hard lump in your upper right abdomen.

-Respiratory conditions
The lungs are located directly in front of the shoulder blades. Certain respiratory conditions which include pneumonia and embolism can cause pain between the shoulder blades and diagnosis can be confirmed if it is associated with difficulty of breathing and presence of abnormal breath sounds.

-Management for Back pain Between Shoulder Blades
When the pain is caused by secondary causes, the primary disorder is treated first as it will eventually lead to the relief of pain . On the other hand, when it is caused by less severe reasons, it is managed through the use of pain medications and therapies such as chiropractic treatments as prescribed by your doctor or chiropractor.

Back pain between shoulder blades can either be a mild symptom or a severe one. Whatever it is, you should not take it for granted. Consult your our office for early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

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