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Being a licensed Chiropractor in the State of Texas I have a great respect for of automobile crashes, as well as the resulting collateral damages seen in personal injuries. A personal injury chiropractor is someone you want to seek treatments from if you have been in an automobile, motorcycle, all terrain vehicle or any type of personal injury cases. It also should be made known not to wait for months to years to seek personal injury help. You should be seeking treatment within days of the accident if you are having the slightest soreness or irritation resulting from the accident.

People who are lucky enough to avoid serious injury should consider themselves lucky. Unfortunately, there are often post-accident symptoms which can appear and they can be extremely uncomfortable and/or painful. The reason it is so imperative to seek personal injury treatments is to prevent premature degeneration of the affected area. These changes will not appear for decades down the road. To prevent this from happening it is best to seek treatment from a medical professional well trained in treating musculoskeletal injuries.

If you do find yourself involved in an automobile accident and have not been seriously hurt, be happy to be alive. Your situation could always be worse, if you don’t believe so take a walk around the nearest trauma center. After you have been involved in an accident you need to first find personal injury help. Someone you feel comfortable with and then concentrate on your recovery and try to make the best of the functionality you still possess.

Motor vehicle accidents are currently the most common cause of injury to the cervical spine resulting in chronic pain, paralysis and death. On the other hand, the most commonly affected region of the body injured during an automobile accident is the cervical spine. The cervical spine functions to protect the spinal cord while allowing movement of the head. Structurally, our cervical spines are made up of seven cervical vertebrae, each offering relative motion to one another. Excessive motion, though a traumatic event, may result in bony or soft tissue damage to the spine and may compromise its function. This compromise of the spine may occur through disc injury, compression of the posterior elements and even fracture of one or multiple vertebrae. The excessive motion might spare the spine but in other cases it might damage the ligaments or musculature which supports it. This sprain/strain of the spine is commonly referred to as whiplash. The specific structure and location of the cervical spine is dependent on the mechanism of injury applied. Meaning, different conditions usually arise with different angles of trauma. Being hit from behind will present differently from being hit from the side or a rollover. In addition, contact of the head with interior components of the vehicle may apply additional compressive and abnormal stressors. Make sure if your head does come into contact with anything and/or you lose consciousness you seek medical treatment immediately. Head trauma is nothing to play with and can lead to death.

Furthermore, Injury to the spine or soft tissue can occur when the head moves relative to the torso with either excessive rotational or lateral range of motion to exceed the normal range of motion. In frontal crashes, the seat belts acts to rapidly decelerate the torso, while the head remains in motion until it reaches its end of range of motion in flexion. Injury may occur even without the head contacting the vehicles interior. In rear impacts, the torso may be accelerated forward by the seat back, potentially resulting in the head traveling backwards into the head rest, followed by a secondary forward motion to end range. Similarly, side impacts the torso is laterally displaced and with associated head motion. Additional complications may result from head contacts to the steering wheel, dashboard or other interior components.

Remember if you have been involved in an automobile accident not to wait till it’s too late. Seek treatment from a personal injury chiropractor who is licensed in the State of Texas and is here for your health benefit. There has been a lot of information in this article not to scare you but to only make you aware of the complications associated with automobile accidents. Also, to educate individuals on the dangers of not seeking treatments from injuries sustained during an accidents.

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