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Have you ever been on the basketball court when all of a sudden you feel a pain which has never occurred before? Or have you ever twisted your ankle while running in a 5k? Or have you ever been working out at your local gym and felt a twinge in your neck or back? Now, you have a place to go and get these complaints examined by someone who has been in your position before and has extensive training in Sports and Chiropractic medicine. Dr. Dustin Young has been in the Seabrook, Texas area for 2 years. During the last quarter of 2011 Dr. Young founded Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC and has been providing chiropractic services. We pride ourselves on customer service and you will be our top priority.

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Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC is not only a Sports Medicine facility it is a Family Chiropractic clinic. Our goal here is to get you back where you want to be as soon as possible. Dr. Young will use the newest techniques to ensure you the quickest recovery time. Since we are a small Sports Medicine facility you will not have to wait weeks to get in nor will you have long waits to be seen. We know how important it is for our athletes to get back into their respective sports, so the quicker we can get them in to been seen the quicker we can get them back on the field. This not only applies to our athletes but to all our clients.

Athletes get back in the game with Premier Sports ChiropracticFor all of you non-athletes who would like to get more active but have some injury or pain which is keeping you back, need to wait no longer. Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC is here for you and will help you get back on the road to activities. Again, we apply the same treatment protocols to our non-athletes to ensure a quick but efficient healing process.

If you are someone who is seeking the normal Chiropractic therapy, we are the place for you as well. Don’t be discouraged because of all the Sports Medicine talk. We treat all of the normal chiropractic cases as well. One thing we do differently from most of your other Chiropractic offices is our treatments. Being that we focus on restoring motion and function as soon as possible we decrease the healing time. This not only save your pocket-book but saves you trips to the clinic.

Our treatment plans consist of Chiropractic adjustment, Graston Therapy, electrical stimulation and exercises to correct the actual issue. When we place all of these together into three phases of cares you will see fast and effective therapy. Our three phases of care consist of Relief care, Corrective care and Stabilization. Depending on the condition will ultimately dictate how long and what the treatments will consist of. Don t wait any longer, make sure to call us today.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact Premier Sports Chiropractic in Seabrook TX, at 281-942-9011. Don’t live with your pain any longer. Make an appointment today.

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Dr. Young is Sports Medicine Certified and uses the latest treatments available to insure his clients make a quick recovery. Dr. Dustin Young offers Chiropractic services in the heart of Seabrook, Texas. He is the lead chiropractor for the LaPorte high school football team and heads the Sports Medicine Team for the Pasadena Rodeo.