Premier Sports Chiropractic at the Tejas Triathlon

The Tejas Triathlon was held in Sugarland, Texas Sunday morning. It was a great day to race a triathlon in Southeast Texas. It stayed gorgeous and sunny out even though there was a chance of rain.

Dr. Dustin Young and his new associate, Dr. Natalie Bodziony, headed out early to help assist the athletes before and after the race. They were there to help with any acute injuries as well as to help stretch participants after the race. Premier Sports Chiropractic worked this event with C. Foster and Associates’ Physical Therapist, Brittany, and assistant Michael.

The race was a sprint distance triathlon with an open water swim. The race consisted of a 600 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. The winner of the race, Trent O’Brien, completed in an impressive time of 57:14.8. Congratulations, Trent! The female winner was only 10 minutes behind with a time of 1:06:27.1.

Thank you to Johnny from Third Coast Training for being a sponsor of the Triathlon and letting us join the event. We also want to welcome Dr. Bodziony to our team and thank her for helping out this past weekend. We are very excited to have her join us here at Premier Sports Chiropractic!

The Tejas Triathlon

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