How Should Athletes Take Care of Themselves?


Athletes need to know when trying to take care of their bodies, we have to look at what makes up the body on a cellular level. Sixty percent of the human body weight is water. Below is a breakdown of where the body is made up of water.


1)      Muscle is made up of 60% water in Men and 36% water in Women

2)      Fat is made up of 15% water in Men and 27% water in Women

3)      Bone is made up of 15% water in Men and 12% water in Women


What do the numbers above mean? The more fat in the human body, the less ability to hold water, while the more muscle we have, the more water is needed. The average athlete should consume at least 8-10 cups of water per day. If you regularly drink caffeinated beverages then you must add additional water consumption to your diet.


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Water loss occurs on a daily basis. We lose approximately 600 ml/day or 2.5 cups of water through urine. We also lose about 400-600 ml/day due to respiration, perspiration and metabolism.  If you look at these numbers, we are losing about 4 cups of water on a daily basis. This means most individuals are at a water deficit daily and if you add coffee, tea or any alcoholic beverage to the mix these individuals are at an even greater deficit. These numbers do not include practicing in the heat or humidity. A football player during the heat of the summer can lose up to 15 pounds per practice if they are not properly hydrated. It is very important for athletes to consume water daily before, during and after their practices and games.


It is recommended for athletes to consume as much water as possible throughout the day. It is not recommended to sit down and consume all the daily requirements of water in one sitting. This will not benefit the body and most of the water will be excreted through the urine. Also, you have to be careful drinking large amounts of water too quickly because doing so will increase the rate the body flushes out necessary water-soluble vitamins.  If you have any questions about your athlete’s water consumption or diet please contact Dr. Dustin Young at Premier Sports Chiropractic.


Note: All of the information we have provided in this article are standard numbers and do not apply to everyone. If you are taking any medication you should consult your physician before adding or decreasing anything in your diet.

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