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Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic
Please join us for Patient Appreciation Day at the Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic

With September 15, 2012 right around the corner and marking the one year move of the Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic to Seabrook, Texas. We are proud to announce the company is still growing and having more fun than ever. In a show of our appreciation to the community we are announcing a patient appreciation day Saturday September 15, 2012 between 9am-12 am. All new patient examinations and adjustments will be at no cost. All we are asking is for donations which will be given to Bay Area Turning Point. Bay Area Turning Point, Inc. provides recovery solutions services for survivors of family violence and sexual assault and facilitates violence prevention strategies for societal change in partnership with our community. Supporting the community is a large part of what we do.


Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic
Please join us for Patient Appreciation Day at the Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic

This appreciation day is for everyone, not limited to current patients. So make sure to tell anyone who might be in need of chiropractic care to call and make an appointment for Saturday the 15th.  Dr. Dustin K. Young wants to show his appreciation to all of his patients’ friends and families.  If it wasn’t for you guys and gals we wouldn’t be here today. Note, this will only include the adjustment and if you would like therapies then a fee will be assessed. Since


September 11, 2001 marks the change in America as we know it, Dr. Young also wants to take a second to thank all the men and women who have fought and continue to fight to help preserve our freedom. Thank you for allowing us to continue to live the life as we know it. Please join us on September 15, 2012 to mark our 1 year celebration and to help support our community.


Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic also wants to take a second to announce the addition of Dr. Brandi Washer. Dr. Washer brings a different aspect to the Seabrook sports chiropractic community. Being a recent graduate she has the most current and effective techniques for treating injuries. We are super excited to have Dr. Washer working out of the Seabrook Chiropractic Clinic and our Houston Clinic.

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Dr. Young is Sports Medicine Certified and uses the latest treatments available to insure his clients make a quick recovery. Dr. Dustin Young offers Chiropractic services in the heart of Seabrook, Texas. He is the lead chiropractor for the LaPorte high school football team and heads the Sports Medicine Team for the Pasadena Rodeo.

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