Self Care for Sciatica

Self Care for Sciatica
Try some of these Self Care for Sciatica exercises.

Self Care for Sciatica and Minimize Its Impact On Other Areas of Your Life


Self Care for Sciatica treatment has greatly advanced since the days of the ancient Greeks, when they tried to use music to heal sciatica and other forms of back pain. What should you do at home, at work and in the doctor’s office when you are being treated for sciatica? And when should you see a medical professional for your sciatica back pain?

What Can You Do at Home?

Use cold packs to ease the pain or stiffness. Replace old wooden chairs with ergonomic ones, especially desk chairs. Get a comfortable mattress that is soft enough to avoid putting strain on your back without being so soft that your spine is unnaturally curved. Work on maintaining your health. Staying in shape and building your core muscles reduces the risk of your sciatica returning. Change your workout routine. Stop lifting heavy weights and go swimming. Don’t let the kids pile up on top of you with demands of piggy back rides. Push them in the stroller, pull them in a wagon instead or a bike trailer. If a particular activity causes back pain, avoid doing it again.


Be careful as you climb stairs or walk on uneven surfaces, since a fall can cause your sciatica to flare up. Use proper safety measures so that you don’t fall off the roof or slip on a wet floor. Recognize that sciatica can be a chronic disease like diabetes. Redesign your home to avoid heavy lifting, far reaches and twisting motions. Plan your day for periodic rests but don’t stay in bed more than a day or two. Your back pain will get worse if you spend all weekend in bed.

What Can You Do At Work?

When you are at work, mind your posture. Stand up straight. When you sit down, keep your legs at a 90 degree angle from your knees, and don’t cross them. Do not slouch in your chair or against a wall. It looks unprofessional, and it will aggravate your sciatica. If you are standing, shift your position that you are not standing in one place all of the time, though you should avoid shifting weight from foot to foot. Avoid twisting at the waist, whether this is to reach for an object or hand something to another person. Get help before you pick up anything that is heavy. And find out how heavy it is before you try to lift it. And always lift with your legs instead of your back.
Tell your employer if you are taking pain medication for your sciatica. This can affect your ability to operate heavy machinery. Your boss should also know if you are taking muscle relaxants, since this could affect your safety in an industrial environment.
If you have exhausted all conservative treatment techniques and you need back surgery, such as the trimming of a herniated disk or fusing of two spinal vertebrae, take enough time off from work to fully recover. Do not return to work until your doctor has given you permission to do so.

If you are given strict orders to follow to cure your back pain, do not rush through a rest period or light work duty. If you return to work before the doctor says you can, you are partially at fault if you land in the hospital later.

When Should You See the Doctor or Chiropractor at Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC?

Tell your doctor if you have sciatica or the symptoms of sciatica. You may have sciatica in addition to other disorders like arthritis. If you are treated for a medical condition like arthritis and still suffer from symptoms of sciatica, go back to the doctor to find out why. If your doctor’s prescription is painkillers or anti-depressants, find another doctor who will help you treat the underlying cause of your sciatica.
Tell your doctor or chiropractor about any home remedies you are using, whether they are essential oils to treat inflammation or natural pain relievers.

Go to the emergency room if your back pain is accompanied by a loss of sensation in the lower part of your body. Seek medical attention if the back pain is accompanied by a fever or intense internal pain.

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