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Shoulder Injuries- Premier Sports Chiropractic, PLLC

Let us start by mentioning the shoulder joint is the most unstable joint in the human body. The shoulder is a complex structure made up of four joints. There is a balance in the movement of each of these four joints that must be maintained in order to prevent injury (further injury) or successfully recover the shoulder’s normal function. The shoulder joint (Glenohumeral (GH)) its self only contributes 115 degrees of the total 175 degree motion of the shoulder. Making sure all of the shoulder joints are moving effectively is the most critical aspect of a shoulder examination.

When talking about the shoulder, we must mention the concept of muscle balance.  Every joint in the body is made up of muscles, ligament and a joint capsule which hold the joint together. If any one of these structures is out of balance it can create a precursor for injury. On the other hand, trauma often causes an immediate abnormality in this balance and predisposes it to further injury if the condition is not completely corrected.  It has been proven by research that every joint in the body is established to follow a ratio of flexor to extensor muscle balance. When these ratios become imbalanced, the joints may become compromised or an injury is prevented from healing appropriately. Dr. Dustin Young has experience and training in carefully considering the balance of the shoulder joint.

Another important aspect which can lead to shoulder injuries is fatigue. Fatigue is a normal response of a muscle as it depletes its supply of energy stores. This usually consists of depleting glucose, glycogen, oxygen and potassium, which is replaced by lactic acid and causes a burning sensation and muscle cramping or fatigue. Fatigue is normally short-lived and lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. Pushing our joints to the point of fatigue causes muscle imbalances. This is the point when we’re most susceptible to damaging our joints.

Furthermore, rehabilitation of a shoulder joint can be tricky and finding the correct place to receive therapy is critical. The proper sequence to increase range of motion and strengthen the shoulder is a rehabilitation protocol of 3 stages. The three stages of shoulder rehabilitation are joint mobilization, stretching, and strengthening, in that respective order. How quickly one can progress through the stages depends on the severity of the dysfunction and/or injury.

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