Spinal Decompression

When a person is experiencing excruciating back pain regularly, one of the most common causes can be the buildup of pressure between spinal discs. When this is detected and diagnosed, one treatment option is called Spinal Decompression. To learn more about this treatment, please read this article from top to bottom, for we are going to list some of the Pros and Cons of it, and see if this is something that you are willing to undergo.

The main goal of the Spinal Decompression is to reduce or eliminate the pressure that is building up in between the discs of your spine. This can be done with proper stretching exercises that are controlled either by a mechanical traction, or sometimes assisted by the actual physician. However, just like any type of medical treatment, the Spinal Decompression also has its own share of pros and cons. To learn more, please read the details below.


Pros Of Using The Spinal Decompression Treatment:

– Since the Spinal Decompression does not require surgical procedures or anything to that extent, recovery is quicker, and the person does not need to limit himself/herself in simple activities at home like walking, moving, eating, or bathing. This treatment is definitely the most favorable treatment of many, because the patient can avoid downtime and all sorts of discomfort.
– The Spinal Decompression treatment is not as expensive as spinal surgery. More often than not, one treatment of Spinal Decompression cost around $75 to as much as $200, depending on your chiropractor. A patient with an extreme spinal problem needs at least twenty treatments. The total amount you need for a complete twenty-session treatment is still less, compared to the professional fee of your surgeon and the hospital bill that you would have to pay, if you opted for surgery.
– Spinal Decompression can prevent surgery in many ways. Surgery is the last resort for anyone with spinal problems.


The Cons Of The Spinal Decompression Treatment:

– Since the Spinal Decompression treatment is lengthy, frequently visiting the doctor can be a discomfort to the patient
– Not every patient can undergo Spinal Decompression. For instance, women who are pregnant, people with osteoporosis, and people with abdominal aortic aneurysms cannot receive this treatment, because it may cause more harm than relief


These are the different pros and cons of the Spinal Decompression. Make sure to speak with your doctor and tackle this decision based on your lifestyle and your attitude. If you think that you are the type of person who is not capable of undergoing a lengthy procedure, this may not be the best treatment to cure your back pain. Know what your options are with your doctor, and assess yourself if you are ready to do it.

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