Sports Injuries

Sports injuries should be treated immediately.

When thinking of chiropractic we usually think of pain associated with the spine. With growing research and more effective techniques times are changing in the chiropractic community. Now with the ability to become Sports Medicine Certified you can get the benefit of both worlds. You will receive top notch Chiropractic Medicine with associated state of the art Sports Medicine training for sports injuries. Seeking treatment from a Sports Medicine Chiropractor will not take anything from treating the more typical Chiropractic Medicine cases, in all actuality it will benefit these cases and reduce treatment times.

Now let us discuss some sports injuries and how Sports Medicine can help. 
First, Stress fractures are one of the most common injuries in the world of sports. A stress fracture is not a normal break in the bone commonly seen with a fall. A stress fracture is a type of over-use injury. Stress fractures are commonly described as abnormal stressors being place on a normal bone. Stress fractures are commonly seen in long distance runners. This repetitive impact on hard surfaces causes the abnormal stressor as we spoke of before. While fatigue fractures are normal stressors being placed on abnormal bones. These injuries are often seen in osteoporotic person with low bone densities. There are many activates which can cause a stress fracture. The most common cause of a stress fracture is increasing activity too rapidly. Going from sitting on your couch all day everyday to trying to become the world’s next heavy lifter will cause a problem. Your body is not ready for the vigorous stress it is going through. You need to give your body and muscles time to adjust to the change. Often it is better to start slowly and work your way into a harder routine than it is to jump directly into an activity. Another common cause is improper or aged equipment.

Another very common sport injury is a sprained ankle. 
While participating in sports you are constantly running and moving, switching directions quickly and this is all done on the feet and ankles. In the ankle there are many ligaments. These ligaments have elastic properties which are designed to stretch but over stretching causing problems. When the ligament is stretched too far and some of the ligaments fibers tear is when the sprain occurs. In extreme case the ligament may actually completely tear. There are tons of ways this sports injury can occur. Usually it will happen when the foot is rolled awkwardly under the ankle or if you step onto an uneven surface unexpectedly. To treat a sprain we commonly use the NUMONIC RICE. R- standing for Rest, I- standing for Ice. Icing usually for 15 minutes but be careful to watch the color of the skin because frostbit can occur. C-compression, use some type of bandage to keep the swelling down. Lastly, E- Elvation, you want to elevate for as long as you can. At the start of the injury you want to keep as much motion in the joint as possible. This can be don’t by keeping the joint moving. An average sprain usually takes four to six weeks to completely heal, similar to any soft tissue injury but if you can get into see a Sports Medicine Chiropractor you can decrease this time tremendously.

Hamstring injuries are another sports injury. 
This injury is most common in athletes in which their sport requires a lot of sprinting. When a hamstring is injured an athlete can be very upset because it can reduce their playing time. If the injury is not healed and treated properly then there is an extreme high risk for re-injury. The most severe hamstring pull is when the tendons in the back of the thigh actually tear away from the bone. This can be extremely painful and is commonly called an avulsion injury. The main reason for a hamstring strain to occur is because of muscle overload. This happens when it is introduced to a sudden extreme load, or when the hamstring is stretched beyond its normal capacity.
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