Sudden Back Pain

When Should I See a Doctor if I Experience Sudden Back Pain?

When you have pain anywhere in your body, it is your body’s way of indicating to you that there is a problem needing attention, and the same applies when you experience sudden back pain. Although the pain you are going through shows you the area of your body that is not well, it can in no way tell you precisely what the problem is.

The milder forms of backache experienced my many people during their lifetime, can most times be treated with conservative medicine (Chiropractic), massage, bed rest, medications, ointments, weight loss, and exercise, amongst other things.

However, if other symptoms occur in conjunction with the pain, such as neurological problems, swelling, heat, fever, or redness in the area of the pain, it is likely that the problem is more serious, and needs medical attention.


Back pain can be the indication or serious underlying problems such as, internal injuries, infections, or diseases of the heart, stomach, lungs, and kidneys, which can only be confirmed by a visit to a medical practitioner, after a proper diagnosis. Backache can very easily be mistaken for a muscle injury, which is why some people that are having a heart attack, will endure the pain for a long time, rather than get the immediate medical attention that they should be getting.

For example, while a sharp pain in the upper back can be the sign of a heart attack, it can also be a symptom of a strained muscle, or a herniated disc in the spinal column, so it is understandable why many people are confused as to the cause of their back pain. If you experience a sharp pain in the middle to lower areas of your back, while it could be a simple muscle injury from picking up something heavy, it could also be something more serious, such as pneumonia, liver, gall-bladder, or kidney-related problems, all of which will need medical attention, and in some cases even, surgery as well.

Lower back pain should not be ignored either, as this could very well be an indication of appendicitis, an obstruction in the bowel, a pinched nerve, or sciatica, all conditions that, unlike backache caused by muscle injury, can only be treated with proper medical care.

The bottom line is that you should see a doctor:
– if your back pain is the result of some sort of accident, such as falling off the roof of your house, or being involved in a motor vehicle accident
– if the pain is persistent, lasts longer than six weeks, and does not improve at all
– if your back pain is intense, and does not improve after using normal remedies, such as pain relievers, rest, ice packs, and so forth
– if the pain is so severe that it prevents you from sleeping at night
– if you are experiencing stomach pain at the same time as your back ache
– if there is a change in the sensations in the groin, genital, buttock, or inner thigh areas
– if you are experiencing neurological problems, like tingling, numbness, or weakness in the arms and legs

It is better to see your doctor and be told that your sudden back pain is not serious, than to ignore the problem and suffer the consequences of the more serious, underlying problems that could be causing your backache.


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