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  • “I have used chiropractors off and on for several years. The chiropractor that helped me alot moved out of state and I had to find a new one. I tried several different chiropractors but couldn’t find one that really helped me so I stopped going for several years. I started going to see Dr. Young and his assistant, Nicole, about 4 months ago for back and neck pain. I have fibromyalgia and ache almost constantly, especially in the neck area. In that short amount of treatment time I have been able to go from weekly appointments to monthly appointments. Whenever I have an issue, Dr. Young always trys to find ways to alleviate the pain as soon as possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Young and his staff to anyone needing a chiropractor.” -Julie V.
  • “Extraordinarily effective with a minimal number of visits, as well as being patient-friendly.” -Joseph H.
  • “I have been dealing with an IT Band issue for 3 years and finally went to get help. Dr. Young did the most thorough assesment I have ever had. Not only did he listen to my problems he assesed my squatting technique and habits they may have caused the injury. He used a really effective Graston technique that seriously removed all the adhesions that were causing tension in my it band. At my last appointment he showed me how to avoid the it band sliding causing the discomfort in my leg workouts.The technique got deeper in my tissues than a foam roller or any other tool could get. Dr. Young also took the time to explain to me at each appointment what was going on in my body and what he was doing to fix it. It is rare these days that a doctor takes the time to really explain what is going on. I would recommend him for anyone with a sports injury or any injury that needs to be worked on.” -Ashley H.
  • “Doctor Young is excellent!I came to him with moderate back pain from various dings and office work. Within 2 weeks the comprehensive approach he provides helped alleviate my pain! After I sustained an ankle injury 1 week into treatment for my back, Doctor Young helped me reduce the swelling, stabilize my ligaments and got me back on the field.I highly recommend Dr. Dustin Young in Seabrook!” -Amir B.
  • “Dr. Young is so good at what he does, he actually made this Longhorn forget he is an Aggie. After a backpacking injury that left my shoulder, neck and back in poor condition, I needed something more than just an adjustment. Dr. Young and his team quickly became like family and the Graston technique had me back in action in no time. If I ever move out of the area, I will need to figure out a way to clone this guy.” -Jen S.
  • “I cannot say enough about the personal and quality care that my family receives from Dr. Young and his staff. After seeing him for a lifelong back injury myself, he began seeing my 10 year old. She has suffered from asthma for years, and after 2 months of care she was able to attend a volleyball camp without using a rescue inhaler. The results were dramatic. Just yesterday, our 7 year old had shoulder injury at school. I called Dr. Young and we were in in the office and being treated in less than 30 minutes. Additionally, he called this morning to check on her. I have seen 3 other chiropractors in the Clear Lake area and nothing compares to the availability, care and service that I have received from Dr. Young. Unlike other providers, his goal is to get you out of his office and back to a full life.” -Lacy H.
  • “Dr. Young is an Excellent Chiropractor. His compassion and dedication to his patients is outstanding. When I first came to him, I was in excruciating pain in my neck and back. The first adjustment I felt instant relief.I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have relief when suffering with chronic pain. I will continue to go to Dr. Young for my chiropractic care. I trust Dr. Young fully and recommend him to all my friends and family. It is so refreshing to have a Doctor who feels like a part of your family. The best care you can receive in the Houston area! I’m so Thankful for his practice.” -Michelle C.

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