Upper Back Pain

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Upper back pain, unlike lower back pain, is not the most common spine problem. This is partly due to the fact that the upper back just doesn’t receive the punishment that the lower back does. The lower back is designed to give you mobility and flexibility, while the upper back is more for support. Upper back pain is most commonly caused by joint dysfunction and muscle irritation. In most cases, you will feel upper back pain on the backside of the chest and also the upper abdominal area. There are many factors involved when determining the cause of your upper back pain because there are a lot of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, ribs and bones that make up this area, making it the job of a professional to figure out the cause.

An extremely common cause of upper back pain is poor posture. As research compounds, we find that poor posture is to blame for upper back pain among most people worldwide. Poor posture leads to unbalanced muscle ratio in the upper back region, while posture stabilizing muscles become neglected, in turn losing their strength. When you seek a diagnosis from a chiropractor, like Dr. Young, he will establish a treatment protocol and prescribe a rehabilitation protocol to strengthen the weakened musculature. Oftentimes, it’s found to be an easy fix by beginning a regimen of simple exercises that can rid you of your upper back pain. As you progress through your rehabilitation program, you will find your posture slowly correcting itself and pain dissipating.

Another potential cause of upper back pain is if you have recently been involved in an automobile accident or suffered some other type of trauma. Any type of trauma that provokes a jarring of your upper back could be the cause of your upper back pain. Since the upper area of your back is used to provide structure and stability, movement in an unnatural way can create irritation in any of the muscle or tendons that reside there. Unfortunately, pain following trauma may not present itself right away and may take a few months to show up, making it important to seek care from a certified professional as soon as possible. Many times when people experience pain in the upper back region, it is referred to as having a “rib out.” While the rib is not really out, per say, it does become misaligned which can lead to a sharp pain in the middle to upper back region.

Fortunately, there are many ways to go about treatment to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing, and we all like easy fixes that keep the pain and the doctor away. There are a few home remedies you can do to treat the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. First, using ice for 15 minutes on the affected area is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation, which many times is the culprit to blame. Make sure not to leave the ice pack on for too long so that frostbite does not occur. You can also try some simple stretches to alleviate the pain. Last, rest may be of some help if you have been overly active. When these home remedies do not relieve your pain, it’s time to seek treatment.

You may need to see a chiropractor or other conservative health care provider if you are suffering from a disc issue, which is not very common in the thoracic portion of the human spine. Each and every day, your back experiences stress caused by gravity pulling down on your spine, and this may cause the discs to compress. A chiropractor can offer decompression therapy, allowing the discs to slowly stretch to their original position. As you continue through the decompression protocol, the pressure being placed on the affected nerve will be reduced. This will help to decrease upper back pain.

Another great technique chiropractors are able to perform is chiropractic manipulation. When a chiropractor manipulates your back, they are increasing motion in the spine. Increasing the mobility of the spine will in turn relieve stress which is being placed on the affected area. Lastly, by utilizing soft tissue therapies, chiropractors are able to alleviate a lot of the tension the muscles may be holding. Accompanied by chiropractic manipulation, benefits are increased.

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